How to Download YouTube Videos on Android

Irrespective of the fact that there has been the launch of several sites which facilitate the watching of videos, no one can ignore the importance as well as the popularity of YouTube. With a wide range of videos of different genres, it attracts a large number of viewers every day and this is the reason why almost every video on YouTube has more than 1 million viewers every day. We always want these videos to be downloaded so that we can watch these videos whenever we wish to in the absence of the internet connection. In case of common browsers such as Chrome or Internet Explorer, there is perhaps a no better substitute for savefromnet, but considering the Android users, we need to streamline the means of downloading the YouTube videos.

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How to download YouTube videos on Android

Usually, it has been observed that if one wishes to download videos on Android, then he or she will be redirected to the installation of a completely new app. In this case, also, we need to select the best set of apps which provide a hassle-free YouTube video downloading and a list of such apps are discussed below in details:

InsTube YouTube Downloader

According to resources, this is undoubtedly one of the best means of downloading YouTube videos on Android. The major advantage of this particular app is its simplicity which attracts the various users and, apart from that, it supports a number of sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter too apart from basic YouTube videos. One can also convert the videos into the mp3 format by using this particular app.

Download insTube

SnapTube Downloader

SnapTube Downloader is another eminent option which can be used to download the YouTube videos on the Android platform. Alike InsTube YouTube Downloader, this app can also be used to download videos from various sites and its speed is commendable. One can also choose his or her favorite resolution and download the particular video according to that.

Download Snaptube


It is perhaps the most popular app which everyone uses to download YouTube videos on Android. It is a common app which shares the screen space with the other apps due to its simple user interface. After the installation, one can directly go to their favorite YouTube page and there, automatically, they can download the videos with the help of the new icon which appears on the page.

Download Tubemate


This is another famous name which one must have come across in his or her quest for apps which will help them to download YouTube videos for free. This is true that this particular app is completely free and after installing it, one can simultaneously access a large number of videos from various sites such as YouTube, Dailymotion, SoundCloud etc. This particular app Vidmate has some special features which differentiate it from the other apps. The features of Vidmate are given below:

  1. It enables default downloading of the YouTube videos.
  2. It enables live TV.
  3. It ensures that there is auto-detection of the videos before they have started to get downloaded.

Due to its efficiency, the tag-line, ‘All you want is here’ gets justified from every possible aspect.

Download Vidmate


This particular app comes with an elegant UI as well as an inbuilt web browser. Videoder is such an app which has been used a large number of times by a wide range of users and undoubtedly, it has also been appreciated by them also. The users have admitted that it is easy to download the videos from YouTube as well as a number of other sites such as Facebook,, and much more. The new version of this app has been made in such as fashion which will invoke the interest of the users again.

Download Videoder


TubeX is another reliable app which one can use to fulfill his or her purpose of downloading YouTube videos on an Android platform. Similar to the other apps which operate for the same basic purpose, this app also permits the downloading of videos from multiple sites without any difficulty. TubeX has been designed keeping in mind the comfort zone of the users and it has been confirmed through the various reviews that this app is an excellent choice for frequent use.

After the installation process has been done, one needs to open the app icon and then, he or she needs to search for the preferable video. This will lead to the option where one will be required to choose his or her favourite resolution and then, a simple click on the download button will enable the downloading process.

Download TubeX

YouTube Downloader for Android

The major advantage of this app is that it provides an ad-free environment. Designed by the Xda Developer, this app is extremely easy and feasible to use. One needs to install it and after that, one will be able to download a number of videos he or she likes from YouTube in s short span of time.

YouTube Downloader for Android


Vuclip is such an app which has been used for a large span of time and it has been successful in case of receiving positive reviews from its users. The downloading of YouTube videos is easy through this app as after the installation, one just needs to search for his or her favourite video and after that, the various resolutions for downloading the video will appear on the screen. It is recommended that the users should download in such a resolution which is being supported by their smart-phones.

Download Vuclip

Final Words

One must be wondering whether apps are the only means to download YouTube videos on Android platforms, however, one can also use the evergreen savefromnet link to directly download the YouTube videos from the browser itself. This is a fact that there are a large number of apps available on the internet but one needs to filter out the best quality apps for them. It is recommended that one should go through the reviews of each app before installing them. It is always better to choose among a large variety of apps as it leads to the selection of the best quality app.

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